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Posted by rakhigb on November 26, 2010 7:14 am | 0 Comments

Its been some time, I know. I have been thinking about what to write and what not so I decided that I will put up this article so that I am able to tell you all what I really feel. This is a really serious topic and the reason that I decided to write on this is beacause a lot of people are being pressurized to look and feel someone they are not.

Plastic surgery is something that a lot of celebrities have been endorsing for many years now. It is more so becaome a trend, I just dont underastand why people want to look plastic? Look at Heidi Montag look at what she has done to her self. I dont even feel sorry for for her any more. So what do you think who is to blame? I know who our society, our society that wants women to look perfect. Everything to look perfect, well she wqanted to look like Barbie and now she does. The only catch is no one actually wats to look at her now.

All the people that have been though plastic surgery in the past, what is common in all of the ? They all look fake, that is what is common. No amount of clothes

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can hide that.

So any one of you who is willing to get plastic surgery done for any reason what so ever, wait and think again. Cause trust me it is so not worth it.



Posted by rakhigb on November 15, 2010 11:26 pm | 0 Comments

Well, as you all can see this is the first post.

I will be posting stuff that I find look good an celebs and can be easily encorporated in day to day lifestyle.

There is one particular item that I love the most and I am sure that you like it as much as I do-  Boy Friend Blazer.

All the celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Lauren Conrad have been spotted wearing this trend and trust me everyone can carry this off.

The best part is that it goes with everything from dresses to shirts, this way you can have a complete look from day to night.

So I suggest that you try on this trend now.

More tren alrets comming up!!!

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